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A delicate blend of cultural heritages and diversities is the central element that makes Thailand a massage and spa destination in the world. A focus of health and beauty, Thai spas involve the method of relaxation and health promotion both physically and spiritually. You also can enjoy a massage treatment in bangkok hotels by ordering Bangkok Body Massage outcall service. They blossoms in Bangkok and major tourist cities countrywide. The Thai spa experience embraces a choice of indigenous resource, unique tradition and local wisdom that have been passed down through centuries. Recognizing the lucrative market niches for spa business, spa operators look into this ancient trove to create and present the best Thai style spas to ensure worldwide spa recipients a lasting spa expectation.


Boasting a variety of spa offerings, the Land of Healthy Smiles has devised a vast range of retreats, alternative therapies, personal consultation and life coaching. The common Thai spa menu includes traditional Thai, Swedish, Javanese and Sports massages, foot reflexology,aromatherapy, acupuncture, acupressure, hydrotherapy, skincare treatments like facial scrubs and body wraps, treatments for face, skin and hair, herbal steams and floral baths. The Bangkok Thai spa experience also comes with body and mind activities - be it meditation, yoga, tai chi, pilates, stress management, holistic wellness, spa cuisine and physiotherapy, along with healthy eating and detoxification.
The aim of Bangkok Thai massage is to balance the energy of the body to give a feeling of relation and well-being which transcends to purely physical to affect the mind and emotions and even the spiritual aspects of our being. The theory is that perfect balance of the intrinsic energies of the body equates to perfect health. This form of massage when received regularly, performs a powerful prophylactic function as well as maintaining good health. Those who are lucky enough to experience Thai massage in this way will testify to its incredible ability to de-stress the body; to soothe and calm the mind and to lift and release layer upon layer of pent-up negative emotions and liberate the soul.
A Thai massage is a blend of techniques, some of which are used to apply pressure to the sen lines while others create the wonderful twists and stretches that often resemble applied yoga. Pressure is applied with feet, palms, thumbs, elbows and knees. The measured pace and flowing movement that characterises this massage belies the very deep pressure and powerful stretches that are used. The greatest benefits from this unique type of massage come to those who are able to relax to the point where they become putty in the hands of the massager. At no time should the receiver "assist" by actively helping any particular movement that is being carried out.

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